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The asset management business integrates finance and technology, which provides individuals, institutional investors and corporate clients with comprehensive wealth management services.
Mobile application"YF Youyu" provides one-stop services in asset allocation, globally selected mutual funds investment and in-depth portfolio analysis, extending institutional level of professional services to the general public through technology. Investors can conveniently manage their wealth at finger tips, such as account opening application, tracking market movement and in-depth research, conducting asset allocation, investing in selected mutual funds and better management of the idle cash.
To provide customized, seamless, one-stop asset management solutions for our clients, who must be qualified investors, we strive to provide quality assets and capitalize on global investment opportunities through our series of “private” funds. With our mission of “carrying out financial management work for people upon their entrustment”, we are able to offer a comprehensive range of products and services such as private equities, private bonds, cash management products, alternative investment, real estate investment, hedge funds, mutual funds and structured notes. Jiaxing Majik Asset Management Company Limited are registered with the Asset Management Association of China as a Private Equity Manager (Registered No. P1068157) and can carry out private equity investment business.

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